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How To Wear Meandros Greek Jewelry

The Greek meandros pattern or the key motif has been featured in many designs in that era, including architecture, Athenian pottery, and modern iterations in homeware and jewelry. While it is an easily recognized pattern, often overlooked for its simplicity. But is this pattern as ordinary as it looks? The Greek key pattern or the meandrous pattern jewelry is of significant importance to the greek culture.

It is a decorative pattern of geometric lines that resembles the shape of a key used by ancient Greek people. The key pattern is square-shaped and is often seen in an unbroken sequence to use as a border motif. The continuous interlinked design of the Greek key motif got its name meandros because it resembles the Meander River in Ancient Greece. Greek key pattern persists in modern art today and is associated with Greek culture alone.

What does the Meander Greek pattern symbolize?

In ancient Greece, the Meander River was considered a symbol of eternal life and abundance. The Greek key pattern or Meandros pattern symbolizes the river of abundance, and thus drives the name. It is also considered a symbol of ‘infinity’ or the eternal flow of things. It is a justified representation of a continuous and unbroken pattern.

The linking aspect of the Greek key pattern symbolizes unity or an unbreakable bond. Owing to this significance, this pattern was popularly used in wedding bands in Ancient Greece as a mark of eternal love.

People sometimes confuse a key pattern as a religious symbol, which it is not. It has no religious affiliations and can be worn by anyone. The meandros pattern is associated with much greater meaning in a long-standing culture. So, it’s best to respect the symbol by knowing what it symbolizes. The Greek key pattern is perfect for those who love the idea of minimalism. The Greek jewelry pieces are available in various forms with the Greek key pattern, including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, etc. You can style them with numerous outfits to get an elegant look without much effort.

The types of meandros Greek jewelry you can buy from the online store

The design of the meandros pattern is so versatile that makes it perfect to be used in numerous types of jewelry while maintaining the simplicity and elegance of the jewelry. The Greek key pattern was widely used in wedding bands, which results in the emergence of rings with the meandros pattern. You can explore your options at the online shop selling Greek jewelry.

The Greek key motif pendants make for a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones, owing to the meaning it is associated with and the beauty that this pattern holds. It embodies eternity, which expresses best wishes, abundance, and long life. What could be a more meaningful birthday present than this?

There are bracelets and earrings as well, featuring either a single key motif or interconnected ones. You can explore various categories, designs, and styles of Greek jewelry at the online store. Each type of Greek jewelry has some symbolization or cultural or mythological association with it. It is an exciting way of exploring the culture of Ancient Greece.