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The Origin Story of Meandros Greek Jewelry

The meandros pattern or the Greek key pattern is one of the most famous Greek decorative patterns that can be seen as borders on various architectural buildings of ancient Greece. It is an elegant pattern constructed from continuous geometric lines, shaping into a repeated motif bending at right angles resembling a Greek key. There are various sources to signify the origin of this pattern, and thus there are multiple names for the same pattern.

One source suggests that the pattern derived its name “meander” by resembling the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River in Asia Minor, present-day Turkey. Maeander river is associated with eternal life and eternal abundance. Therefore, this pattern is also considered a mark of never-ending abundance, love, and eternal life.

Another story behind the origin of the key pattern links it to the figure of the Labyrinth in linear form. It was first pointed out by Karl Kerenyi, a Hungarian scholar in classical philosophy and one of the founders of modern studies of Greek mythology.

Use of Meanders pattern in Ancient Greece

Meanders or key pattern is the most common decorative element in Greek and Roman art. The artists widely used this pattern for architecture, decorative purposes, pottery, and jewelry they wore.

The Meanders have been a fundamental design motif even in regions far from cultures associated with Hellenic orbit. Many traditional buildings around China still bear the geometric design closely similar to the Greek meander pattern. The meander motif has also appeared in prehistoric Mayan design motifs in the Western hemisphere, way before European interaction.

Today, you can find Meanders and their various generalizations being used in contemporary art, especially in Greek jewelry.

What does Meandros Greek Jewelry symbolize?

The meander pattern used in Greek jewelry is an unbroken, interlocking pattern that is one of the most important symbols. Ancient Grecians associate this symbol with infinity, unity, and the eternal flow of life through reproduction.

The long and continuous pattern folds at an angle of 90 degrees which resembles the waves or perpetual flow of water, which is associated with the eternal flow of life. Its continuous pattern also resembles never-ending friendship, love, and devotion which is why it has been widely used for wedding rings.

Who can wear Meander Greek jewelry today?

Since Greek jewelry has a meaningful association with its culture dating back thousands of years, many people have this question pop up in their mind who can wear Greek jewelry? To make it simple for you, anyone can wear Greek jewelry who likes unique and elegant jewelry pieces. The symbolism associated with the Meanders pattern makes it the most meaningful gift for various occasions such as wedding receptions or birthdays.

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