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greek jewelry designers

Useful Greek Jewelry Ideas

Greek jewelry is designed with ancient meaning motifs that are popularly used in the Greek tradition. You can witness the use of these motifs in jewelry, fashion, homeware iterations, pottery, and architecture as well. The patterns are so simple yet unique to be easily recognized by people. 

What Is the Story Behind the Signet Rings?

The golden signet rings are one of the gracious Greek accessories with a stunning and authoritative aura. They are statement rings with animal designs embossed on them. The structure of the rings represents their history of being used as seals, and the themes incorporated in the patterns are majorly inspired by ancient Greek frescoes.

Why is Greek Jewelry So Special?

Every person carries the beauty within themselves, it just needs to be explored and emphasized. While beauty is already present within every man and especially woman, it is important that they take care of their beauty to bring its best out and make it more apparent. While your beauty definitely requires and deserves some investment, the amount can be minimal. You might not be aware but your beauty requires the bare minimum to get enhanced. 

What are the Different Types of Greek Jewelry?

The relationship between women and jewelry has been for centuries. While jewelry has been a crucial part of different nations and civilizations, Greek jewelry is completely unique among them. Greece women used to get ready with luxurious cotton, elegant wool, and jewelry made with metals like gold, bronze, or gemstones. It is said that they used to maintain their skin by massaging olive oils on their body and bathing in milk from goats. They did everything to make sure that they look beautiful and ageless for long years.

Meandros Greek Jewelry: The Ornaments of Key Pattern

Greek jewelry takes its inspiration from nature, religion, and Greek culture. There are so many types of Greek jewelry, with various patterns which resemble both elegance and mystery. The meandros Greek jewelry is another symbol popularly used in Greek jewelry and even found in temples and monuments in Ancient Greece.

What is so fascinating about Phaistos disc jewelry?

If you love to wear Greek jewelry, then you must have the gorgeous Phaistos disc in your collection. Have you ever wondered what it symbolizes? What is the meaning of the inscription on the disc? Well, even historians, archeologists, and linguists have been trying to decipher the meaning of those inscriptions for years. And they still can’t say for sure what it means. So, what do they found about this mysterious symbol so far?

ancient greek jewelry

Ancient Greek Jewelry: The Art of Minimalism

In his work, the Greek poet Hesiod quoted that “moderation is best in all things” and is reflected in ancient Greek culture. Ancient Greek jewelry is the epitome of minimalism and elegance. It contains the essence of Greek culture and history. The beautiful jewels and carved motifs on the jewelry pieces tell the story of the evolution of their culture from 2600BC to 31 BC. 

What is the significance of Greek key jewelry?

While some people carry their jewelry only as a part of their attire on the basis of their colors and looks and if they are matching their outfit, others are highly considerate about the significance of the jewelry they choose to wear. If you are also someone who needs to understand the meaning behind things and their significance then you must also be wondering about Greek key jewelry and its significance. People are recommended to wear a certain type of jewelry for its impact in general as well. You must have already seen people wearing stones that are precious or semi-precious for their effects on one’s life. 

What Do Animals on Signet Rings Represent in Ancient Greek Mythology?

Everything has meaning, especially when it comes to jewelry inspired by ancient Greek mythologies. Nature elements such as animals have been a topic of discussion for ages in the culture of Greece, and thus, form the focal point of design and symbol among Greek jewelers for signet rings. Most signet rings for sale that you see online are based on animal designs such as lions, snakes, Pegasus, dolphins, griffin, and more.

Why is Greek jewelry truly exceptional?

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, we only need to see it the right way. And not only women but every individual is made with such uniqueness that they become a new definition for beauty. However, no matter how beautiful anyone is, they always try to look even more better and beautiful. There are a variety of investments made by individuals into their appearance and beauty.