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Ancient Greek jewelry

Why Many Designs of Ancient Greek Jewelry Are Inspired by the Alexander the Great

Many of you have seen pieces of ancient Greek jewelry with inscriptions or engravings of Alexander the Great. It is quite natural for anyone to wonder why anyone would wear a jewelry piece with a design inspired by Alexander the Great. If the same question comes to your mind as well, let us help you find the answer.

ancient greek coin jewelry

Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry: Know Everything about This Splendid Piece of Jewel

The coin jewelry has been worn and loved for years. It is believed that they bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer. A unique gold or silver coin necklace can be the most timeless addition to your collection. Despite wearing them every day, you can also wear them occasionally to represent your class.

7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts to Surprise Your Loved One This Year (2022)

If you are still on the fence about what you should gift your loved one on this Valentine’s Day, we have got your back. In this guide, we are going to share some of the best Ancient Greek jewelry pieces with a touch of elegance and a contemporary feel.

The following jewelry pieces inspired by Ancient Greek designs and values will not only bring a smile to your beloved person’s face but also elevate their style up a notch with their luxurious appeal.

greek jewelry store

Let’s Dive Into The World Of Ancient Greek Jewelry!

It’s no rocket science why ancient Greek jewelry is immensely prominent to date! It has its own way of hypnotizing zillions of eyes. Without doing much, it drags us to the time when ornaments and other pieces of jewelry told their stories and ain’t surfaced without any crux. Precisely crafted from luxurious metals and styled and decorated with authentic pearls, these Ancient Greek jewelry has remained as an iconic icon of luxury, taste, and of course, sophistication. Let’s comprehend the vivid themes in Ancient Greek Jewelry.  

What to Keep In Mind When Shopping for Phaistos Disc Jewelry?

The Phaistos Disc is a Greek emblem and a physical item that has long piqued the interest of researchers. Several archaeologists and researchers have deciphered its symbols. All attempts, however, have so far been unsuccessful. Its meaning is unknown, making it one of the world's most popular mysteries.

Should I Wear Greek Key Jewelry? What Does It Represent?

If you are sensitive to what you should wear and what you shouldn’t, then the Greek Key symbol might be something that brings the question to your mind - “Is it okay to wear Greek Key Jewelry?” In general, the suitability and impact of jewelry are recommended to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about wearing a jewelry piece studded with precious or semi-precious stones, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.

Minoan jewelry

Rudimentary Things To Know Before You Invest In Buying Minoan Jewelry!

In dubiously, shopping for ancient jewelry is an exemplary experience, as one gets a chance to ask questions, compare elegant patterns and lastly bag the piece of ornaments that has stolen the heart. If you love buying some idiosyncratic pieces of Minoan jewelry, but don’t know where to kick start the process, then there is nothing to stress; we are here to ease your arduousness. Underneath is a series of questions you should contemplate to purchase the perfect fit. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in. 

Open the Door of Love with Greek Key Jewelry

From ancient Athenian pottery to monumental Roman architecture to modern designs in fashion, jewelry, and homeware, the Greek Key motif has appeared in countless designs throughout time.

The Greek Key jewelry has remained recognizable to this day, but it's easy to overlook owing to its simplicity. However, there's more to this pattern than meets the eye.

phaistos disc jewelry

Phaistos Disc Jewelry: 5 Interesting Facts about Phaistos Disc

The popularity of Phaistos disc jewelry is increasing very quickly and everybody who sees it feels naturally drawn to it. Phaistos disc is one of the greatest mysteries that make it even more special and desirable. No matter what ancient Greek jewelry you have set your eyes on, we can bet that once you read these interesting facts about Phaistos disc, you will certainly develop a desire to have a look at it and probably want to keep it with you in the form of jewelry. Let’s dive in what makes Phaistos disc the most fascinating relic.

Greek Jewelry is Timeless: Do You Know Why?

Investing in jewelry is a big thing. Jewelry not only enhances your look but also impacts your pocket. And that is why you look for the options that are suitable now as well as in the future. In simple words, you look for timeless options.