Gold Ram Earrings

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14k (585) solid gold dangle and drop ram earrings from the "Alexander the Great" Collection. The symbol of ram was very common in Ancient Greece. The most famous myth about a ram is the one of the Golden Fleece. The fleece of the gold ram is a symbol of authority and kingship. The myth says that when the king Athamas decided to sacrifice his son Phrixus, Nephele, Athama’s first wife helped the children escape on the yellow ram over the sea. The ram spoke to Phrixus, encouraging him and took the boy safely to Colchis. There Phrixus sacrificed the winged ram to Poseidon, essentially returning him to the god. The ram became the constellation Aries. This Golden Fleece was the cause for another myth, the one of hero Jason and his crew of Argonauts. All of the products are handcrafted in our jewelry workshop in the center of Athens.

Without stones
Gold 14K
Alexander the Great