Phaistos Disc Dangle Earrings A

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14K Gold Phaistos disc dangle earrings, doth of phaistos discs have been carved in hand from both sides.Phaistos disc was a disk of fired clay from Minoan palace of Phaistos.The disc was discovered in 1908 by the Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in the Minoan Palace of Phaistos in the Greek island of Crete.The original object is now on display at the archaeological museum of Heraklion in Crete.The conclusions of the research which were revealed is that the Phaistos Disc,the most well-known Minoan syllabic inscription of the Bronze Age, dated to the 17th century BC, 500 years before the Trojan War, is a prayer to the pregnant goddess and the goddess Aphaia.The one side of the Disc refers to the pregnant goddess that "shines" and the other side refers to the goddess that "sets", probably the Minoan goddess Aphaia.


Gold 14K
Without stones
Phaistos Disk