Sort Dangle Meander Earrings

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95.00 €
Product Weight: 1 gr
Greek Key part:1.0cm/0.4inches,lock:0.67cm/0.26inch
Total lenght:1.67cm/0.66inch
Max Width:0.6cm/0.023inches

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Product Category: Earrings, Greek Key

14k(585) solid gold sort dangle Greek Key earrings with pin and butterfly lock.These sort dangle Meander earrings are 2 pieces , the one is the lock with half ball ,pin & butterfly and the other part consist of a gold  meander in rhombus form and machine made piece.The earrings have polished finishing in 14k yellow gold.The most interesting about this design is that the one piece of the earring is the opposite design of the other. Ask for anything you may need as we afford a large collection of greek key meander stud ,hoop, leverback earrings, greek key meander pendants,greek key meander bracelets ,greek key meander rings and greek key meander necklaces.


Gold 14K
Without stones
Greek key