Gold Greek Key Pinky Ring

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14k solid gold Greek Key (Meander) pinky ring. The meander motif took its name from the river Meander, a river with a very convoluted path, mentioned by Homer in Iliad. Meander was the most important and oldest symbol in Ancient Greece, it is a symbol of Victory and Unity, a symbol of Infinity and Eternal life. Also, the Greek key/meander pattern is found in architecture and archeology as a strip-shaped decoration, composition of straight lines that are joined together in the right angles. The twisting pattern symbolizes as well the bonds of friendship, of love and has also been thought to mimic the serpent, symbol of guardianship and healing. Perhaps this is why the design was also used on armor, such as the shield of Philip II of Macedon. This Greek key pinky ring can be provided in any size, carat or color of gold. All our jewelry pieces are handcrafted in our workshop in the center of Athens and are inspired by the Ancient Greek history.

Gold 14K
Without stones
Greek key