Minoan Honey Bee Pendand Brooch 05

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Greek Ancient Minoan Honey Bees Pendant and Brooch both at the same piece , a reproduction of the original in 14k gold(585) and in different sizes.One of the most famous archaeological finds all over Crete.A superb specimen of Minoan goldsmithing with granulation and filigree technique.The original pendant was found in Chrysolakkos, Malia.(Middle Bronze Age 1800-1600BC) and it is exposed to the Heraklion Archaelogical Museum of Crete. This pendant represents two bees storing away a drop of honey in a comb. in Greek language the name of the honeybee is called Melissa.This beautiful 14k gold bee pendant is the fifth size and the biggest of the whole five in dimention collection . The price of the chain is not included to the price of the pendant.The link is big enough so you can use your own chain but it can be used also as a brooche.Handmade product produced to our family workshop at the center of Athens.

Gold 14K
Without stones
Historical Period
Minoan 3000-1000BC