Greek Key

The king Peleus, once saw the goddess Thetis, whom the prophecy of Prometheus forced her to marry a mortal, so that the one who would overthrow the powerful Zeus, would not be born. Peleus, due to his passion for the goddess, overcame and defeated all her angry transformations, holding her with a tight grip in his arms. The goddess succumbed and surrendered to his love! Peleus defeated the transformations of the beautiful goddess, using the sacred "Cheironio grip", or "Meander" as it later became known, the famous ancient Greek symbol of defeating the gods. The motif is also known as Greek key. Meander was the most important and oldest symbol in Greece, is a symbol of Victory and Unity, of Infinity and Eternal life. In architecture and archeology, the meander or Greek key pattern is described as the strip-shaped decoration, composition of straight lines that are joined together at right angles. Many temples and objects were decorated with this motif, and it is considered that there is a connection with the Cretan labyrinth – indeed - a labyrinth can be drawn using a Greek key. In this collection, you will find a wide variety of bracelets, dangling and stud earrings, hoops, rings and necklaces in 14k gold. All jewelry are handcrafted in our workshop in the center of Athens.

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